Zipser Jewellery transforms unique projects which explore the boundaries of creativity into elegant decorations. The jewellery is made of a special aluminium alloy and other metals of the highest quality. Thanks to this and the delicate, openwork architecture, the products are extremely light whilst simultaneously giving a sensation of contact with an authentic, natural material; the solid, lasting metal.

Products are finished by hand, stained, insured and lastly polished. As a result, each piece is distinctive and individual, albeit only a few are made of each kind.

I invite you to walk with me in a world made of true passion.


A passion for design and playing with shape as well as the ability to link creativity with professional knowledge have caused, that throughout many years I’ve been a designer of technical components in the industry.
However, I’ve evermore been captivated by forms of expression which allow for even greater use of my own creativity. Drawings, graphics, or even decorating motorcycles using airbrush varnishing, per se.
A fascination into the subtlety of form has given rise to Zipser Jewellery. The brand which creates original, personally crafted jewellery.
Said charms are produced from the highest quality materials; molten aluminium is used as the raw material for creating my jewellery. This material’s surface after appropriate treatment places number 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, meaning that it’s the second hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, just after diamond. A pattern is designed and polished to perfection in computer software and subsequently laser cut onto the layer of metal. Further treatment (e.g. sanding and staining) is done by hand. Consequently every piece, even if it shares the same pattern, will be unique. With this in mind, there will only be a few of each pattern.
Unique Zipser Jewellery designs are extraordinary in the market. Delicate, azure ornaments marry powerful, decisive forms; elegance and sophistication balance with raw contours and silhouettes. Original jewellery that proves to be a firm accent to juxtapose delicate costumes, as well as a complement to strong styles.
On offer are proposals for women, as for men; distinct, depending on the character, style and experience of the bearer. It is also possible to make personalised jewellery according to a project prepared as a result of consultation with the client. I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of the Zipser Jewellery offer – jewellery created out of passion.